Our Executive

CAGE's principals and Board of Directors is led by a team  that has world-class business experience including specific  in the lottery, entertainment and gaming business.

Robert L. Johnson
Founder and Former Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Black Entertainment Television (BET) Holdings.

Robert B. Washington
Founder and Former Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Leeward Islands Holdings Co. (LILHCo).

The senior management team at CAGE consists of individuals with extensive experience in traditional online lottery games. In addition members of the team have developed and operated large gaming routes that included VLT's with games such as video poker, blackjack, keno and slots. The CAGE management team consists of:

· Robert B. Washington  ::  Chairman & CEO
· Rafael A. De La Cruz  ::  Executive VP / Strategy & Business Development
· Todd W. Washington  ::  VP of Business Development / Government Relations
· Jaime R. Ortiz  ::  VP of Accounting & Finance
· James M. Christian  ::  VP of Legal Affairs, Compliance & Human Resources
· Gilberto E. Zayas  ::  Director of Internal Audits
· Kyle Washington  ::  Director of Market Analysis
· Robert J. Craig  ::  Director of Engineering Technology & Systems
· Andrew P. Day  ::  Director of Best Practices, Training & Operations Support
· Janet Davila  ::  Manager, Marketing & Promotions