What Is Video Lottery?

•Video lottery is an exciting form of entertainment that is providing tremendous revenue generating opportunities worldwide.

•It is fast becoming a favorite among governmental jurisdictions looking to generate new revenue and players looking for alternative forms of entertainment.

•Lottery Terminals have been expanded to include a variety of games, linked and audited by a Central System.

•This preference is due its:
-Sophisticated security and accountability for government regulators.
-High entertainment value to players.
-Niche marketing appeal for lottery and pari-mutuel industry alike.

Sample of CAGE’s Video Lottery Games:

•Video Poker
•Video Dominos
•Video Keno
•Video Blackjack
•Video Electronic Scratch Tickets
•Video Bingo
•Video Progressives
•Video Reels

Jurisdictions around the world have enjoyed the benefits of Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs):

•Revenue for social, educational, economic development and other beneficial government-sponsored projects without raising taxes.

•Control of unlawful machine gambling by licensing, regulating and monitoring machine play, making "gray machines" illegal.

•Funds directed to beneficial government programs instead of illegal gaming operations that undercut potential government revenue sources.

•Players choose from a variety of games (Poker, Blackjack, Keno, Bingo, Dominos and Video Reels, etc.), customized for the jurisdiction, for greater revenue generating potential and customer satisfaction.

•A central computer system continuously monitors the network of video lottery terminals (VLTs) and validation equipment to ensure maximum security Prompt, accurate revenue collection, usually with electronic funds transfer (EFT) weekly, daily, or at any interval your jurisdiction determines.